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Power outage 3rd October

Our energy supplier, SSE, have informed us that they will be disconnecting our power between 9am and 1pm on Monday 3rd October. 


We have been given very short notice, but this is statutory work and so has to happen but will affect the school. SSE are unable to provide any form of generator to support on the day. They are uncertain how long the work will take, they say it could only take 1/2 an hour but as standard they say a minimum of 4 hours.


Your child's education is important to us and we appreciate that many of you are working parents, so we will be open as normal on Monday but with adjustments.


The children can come to school in their own clothes. Please ensure they are layered up and we will be wearing coats in school to keep warm. We will ensure that the heating will have been on for a couple of hours before the electricity is switched off so the school will be warm when the children enter. We will adapt the curriculum on the day so that the children are moving around more!


There will be no telephone system. Therefore, if you need to contact the school please telephone 07522618094 between 9am and 1pm and we will also be using this phone to contact you. Please bear with us if you can't get through straight away as we will only have one phone line in and out.


Battery powered lights will be placed around the school particularly in the toilets so the school isn't too dark.


Hot dinners will be ordered as usual and delivered just after 12 so that they are kept warm.


We will inform you as soon as the work is completed and normal communication systems (email and Phone) are up and running.