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Maths Intent

Maths intent

Our Maths lessons are designed to provide children with meaningful skills to apply to ‘real-life’ situations.  We follow the Hampshire maths curriculum overview framework and enhance it through high quality resources such as I See reasoning, NRICH, White Rose Maths and Dip and Pick. The benefit of following the Hampshire curriculum is that it covers the mathematic domains in a cyclical way, meaning that domains are revisited regularly. This ensures that children experience concepts with a spaced practice approach throughout the year, to enable the embedding of skills and concepts in the long term memory. 


Within lessons, the children are encouraged to make choices about the resources and methods used, to discover and evaluate what helps them to learn in the most effective way. After the opportunity to build fluency of skills, the children are then guided in applying these through reasoning and problem solving, to deepen their understanding and showcase the value of the skills they have developed in meaningful ‘real-life’ situations and see the value of mathematics in every day life.


For our Early Years children, maths is integrated into daily activities through indoor and outdoor learning. They follow the NCETM Mastering Number scheme.