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Quality first, inclusive teaching at Vernham Dean Gillum's

At Vernham Dean Gillum’s we encourage the children to have a Growth mindset approach to their learning. The children understand that mistakes are part of learning and that challenge is good. This develop resilience and supports the children in gaining independence and making vital decisions for themselves. The children know that sometimes taking the smooth road is okay when practicing and applying skills they already know but that most learning happens when you take the more bumpy road where we are challenged and have to problem solve. At Vernham Dean Gillum’s our Curriculum firmly supports developing the relevant skills the children will  need to be successful global citizens of the future both socially and academically.


At Vernham Dean Gillum’s our teaching and learning principles and values are underpinned by our Christian Values also. We want to enable all children to;



S= Success for all

O=Ownership of learning

A= Achievement and excellence for all

R=Resilience, risk taking.


Our learning values enable children to use SOAR to progress in their learning and have those crucial steps to success;


How did I SOAR in my learning today?

Did I challenge myself?


O=Out of the box   thinking.

Did I do it “my way”- Creatively?



Did I apply new skills I have learned?

Did I apply skills I already knew?

Did I apply skills but in a different way?



Was I courageous in my learning?