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Joining Our School

For all enquiries, please contact Miss Pauk in our office: 01264 737241


New Families

If you are thinking about joining our school community at Vernham Dean, or have already made your decision, you can rest assured that you will be joining a team who want the best for your child.  Here, your child’s needs will be met so that starting school, or changing school, is a positive and happy time. We believe that parents know their children best, so we will listen to your concerns and wishes to ensure your child settles into our school happily, and quickly.

‘My child has only been at the school a short while but I have been impressed.  My child has settled in well’


What will I need to do to join the school?

Your first, and most important step, is to come and have a look around.  In doing this, you will get a feel for the school.  During your visit, you will be able to look at the whole school setting, talk to staff and children. If you would like to talk to a parent too, we can arrange this for you.

If you decide that Vernham Dean is the school for your family, please see our Admissions page. 

This will give you a guide on joining Vernham Dean Gillum's School, but do not hesitate to ask us if you are not sure of the process; our admin team will be happy to help.


Year R

As soon as you have your place confirmed, we will contact you to invite you in to answer all the questions you will have about your child starting school.  In addition, we have a highly praised transition programme called Ferns.


Coming from another school

We will ensure there are opportunities for your child to visit before they join us full time.  We will also work closely with you to ensure we have as much information as we can to ensure that your child settles in quickly and happily.