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Applying for a school place

If you are looking for a school place for your child, then please come and visit us. We are so proud of our children - they are amazing!

Our strong family ethos means that every child is nurtured and welcomed into the school by everyone. Our small classes offer bespoke learning where every child receives the support or challenge they need, with 'in the moment feedback' which helps them make great progress!


We were rated 'good' by OFSTED in November 2023 where the team reported:


'"Pupils love coming to this 'small school with a big heart.' They work hard in class and are eager to learn. They show the school's values of courage, creativity and compassion. Pupils of all ages play together very positively. They learn the importance of friendship and good communication. This helps maintain a genuinely calm and happy school community."


Spaces are available in most year groups so book an appointment and come and visit us. Everyday is an Open Day!