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We take physical education very seriously and recognise that a healthy body is a happy body. We foster positive attitudes to health and understand that exercise leads to strong physical development; we also recognise that physical education aids self-confidence and social skills too.


In addition to a teacher led PE lesson, each week we provide children with a specialist sports’ coach. There are plenty of opportunities for children to participate in sports after school clubs with the coaches.  The Coach also provides active games at lunchtime which helps children to strengthen muscles and improve co-ordination. 


The children have had sessions with a trained gymnastic teacher, as well as dance teacher to develop the more creative side of PE.


Each year the school’s Tag Rugby team participates in a local rural schools rugby tournament as well as a "sparkling Rugby" tournament, and we form teams when other sports events arise. We also have in "house" tournaments such as netball, so that the children can learn to work as part of a team and understand healthy competition.


To support the children's mental health and well-being they participate in Activate and Cosmic yoga sessions and we attempt to do the daily mile, daily, to support active learning breaks.


KS2 complete their statutory swimming sessions at the local leisure centre with trained instructors and they have the opportunity to do this twice during KS2.