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Welcome to the curriculum pages. If you have any questions about the curriculum your child is following, please talk to their class teacher who will be happy to help.

Curriculum Structure

Curriculum statement

The Concept Map


We teach the curriculum through a set of concepts, which helps to link the children's thinking and extend their understanding.



Our Curriculum Maps

We encourage parents and family members to be involved in their child's learning as much as possible and there are opportunities to visit school and see the work within a topic.


Take a look below at the topic coverage for each year group. We work to either a two-year or three-year cycle depending on the class structure (PDF documents are found below)



For more detailed curriculum information, please see each class page which will have half termly overviews of what the children will be learning in each subject area.

EYFS Intent, Implementation, Impact statement

Early Years Curriculum

End of Year R outcomes

Equality Act 2010 and the SEN and Disability Regulations 2014


Please see individual subject Policies using the sub-heading below for more information and the Inclusion page of the website.

Recovery Curriculum due to COVID-19

As many children were unable to attend school due to the COVID pandemic, it is vital that now they are in school, we are teaching them a curriculum that ensures we are able to fill any gaps which they may have in their learning. At Vernham Dean we are using strong assessment for learning day to day in every lesson to ensure the children's needs are being met and that they are being challenged from their individual starting points. As a school we are using the recovery curriculum devised from Hampshire in English and Mathematics as our basis. There is some more information and examples for you to see below under the different subject headings: