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Autumn 2021 Mental Health and Well-being Newsletter.

Well-Being Newsletter July 2021

NSPCC Childhood Day-11th June 2021


Today, we participated in the NSPCC Childhood day. See our Gallery page for photographs of what the children chose to wear and do in school today- As it was their day!

Fortnightly Buddy time!

Megan and Imogen the Well-being Ambassadors came up with a fantastic idea of having "Buddy time" fortnightly on a Friday. In our class bubbles currently (but across the whole school in the future) the children are randomly paired with someone to complete a mindfulness/problem solving activity, to get to know them better but also to support their emotional health and well-being. So far the children have;

  • Completed mindfulness colouring together
  • Made something that they think could fly the furthest (linked to the NSPCC Childhood day)

Well-Being Newsletter May 2021

Watch this space for our well-being Ambassadors!


We now have two well-being ambassadors from Year 5 who will be supporting mental health and well-being in school. They have already talked to children about their experiences of school and how we can make sure school is a happy environment for everybody to be.



Well Being Newsletter April 2021

Some resources to support the children returnign to school

Below is a back to school story from the 8th March 2021. Mrs Hawkings will be using this in her worship this week.

A visitor to help the children's mental health and well-being!-Welcome Tilly!

Family Well Being Pack during Covid-19

Children's Mental Health Week 1st February-7th February 2021

Try some of the activities below to help your own mental health and well-being!

Friday 5th February 2021-Positive Quote Day 5

Thursday 4th February 2021-Positive quote day 4

Wednesday 3rd February 2021-Positive quote 3

Tuesday 2nd February 2021- Positive Quote 2

Monday 1st February 2021- Positive Quote

Talking Mental Health

Talking Mental Health is an animation designed to help begin conversations about mental health in the classroom and beyond.The animation and accompanying res...

Some mental health tips from the staff at VDGS