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Meal price update from HC3S

It will come as no surprise to you to hear that in the current national economic climate HC3S is experiencing significant increased costs around food and pay, with food prices expected to escalate further. Unfortunately the Government funding settlement announced earlier this year of an increase of 7p for the provision of Universal Infant Free School Meals was not sufficient to cover rising prices. 


HC3S does not price to make a profit, only to cover costs. We work extremely hard to keep prices as low as possible while delivering a freshly cooked two course hot meal. 


Our negotiations with suppliers have, to date, helped to keep food costs below current inflation rates, but despite all efforts from these suppliers and HC3S, prices have now moved above budgeted levels, which means the current meal price is no longer viable. We have no room to further reduce food costs without reducing the nutritional content or size of meals.  


We therefore have no option but, regrettably, to increase the HC3S school meal to £2.80 for all meal types with effect from Monday 31 October 2022.