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Week Commencing 4.11.19

A theme of celebration seems to be running through our Winter Wonderland topic… Next week we will be learning all about a celebration called Diwali – The festival of Light…

This week we have been celebrating Bonfire Night – We have been learning the story of Guy Fawkes, how to keep safe whilst handling & watching firework displays and we have been busy making rocket fireworks and firework pictures! Take a look at our Whizz, Pop, Bang display!

We really enjoyed our gymnastics lesson with Mrs Kerrison!

We also had some very important visitors to school this week…


HC3s Our caters came into talk to use about eating a variety of fruit and vegetables  – cooked and raw. We got to play a game of ‘Guess the veg’ and then we got to taste lots of yummy Veg and best of all the brownie, which was made with beetroot!

And Mr Kerrison came in to speak to us about a job he does as a volunteer – It is a very special job….He takes medical equipment, blood and other special things around a big area delivering to hospitals to help poorly people. He does this on a very special motorbike called a Blood Bike. He has blue flashing lights and very loud sirens…