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Week Commencing 23/9/19

Well we are all settling in well and taking school life in our stride. Take a look at what we have been up to     this week…



Miss Nicoll has created a fantastic display using our ‘All about me cards’ which we shared with each other in class. She also put up our little ‘Mini ME’s’ we created – We thik they are a great likeness – pop in and have a look at the end of a school day.



We have also been talking in class about how we can help to make our classroom a safe and happy space for us to thrive in. We all wrote our names on the charter to say we made up the rules and will always try our best to follow them. The charter is on display on our classroom wall…

We have been practising our fine motor skills by cutting, hammering and stencilling…

In maths we have been focussing on pattern and matching numerals to amounts using objects

Whilst dancing at the ‘ball’ some of us began a discussion abut our height and that if we were taller it meant we were older than others. We started to measure using our hands. Mrs D took us over to the birthday board and we soon discovered that just because we may be taller than someone else it doesn’t  mean we are older than them and also if we are shorter than other people it doesn’t mean they are younger…It was quite a revelation!

We have been busy building and making in the art area… Martha made a chocolate cake (yummy!) and Finley made a box to keep his special things in!

WE also visited the school library. Mrs D read some stories to us and then we looked at all the books and were able to choose a book to take home for the week!