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For science this half term we have had the most fun exploring animals and how they survive. 

We have learnt about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores (Omnomnomnom!) and had discussions in small groups about which animals fit into each group. 


We thought about why animals eat the foods they do and what would happen if they ate the wrong food or not enough, this lead us onto exploring how animals get their food. 


We went searching for snails in our school grounds however were confused as we couldn't find any! After lots of problem solving we figured this was because we have so many birds and frogs in our grounds they have kept the snail population down!


Thankfully we searched our own gardens and brought some snails into school for us to explore what foods they enjoyed most. 


After our observations we agreed that snails prefer salad vegetables rather than root vegetables, and it must grow on the ground rather than on a vine. No wonder gardeners don't like snails!