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Sunday 22nd March-A message from Miss Neale

Hello Maple Class!


I am sorry I didn't get to see you on Friday but don't worry you'll see me on our class page very soon, you might even see Max, Henry and Benji!


This is where I will be posting learning for you to do at home whilst the school is closed.

I know you might be a bit worried or confused about what is going on at the moment but just remember what we talked about in class and if you do feel upset or worried then you can always find a grown up to talk to.


Whilst you are at home you still need to be doing that fantastic hand washing with our class dance!

Why don't you show your family how we do the steps:

1. Wet hands with warm water,

2. Get that slippery soap,

3. Do the hand jive baby!

4. Disco spider, disco spider, disco spider, disco spider

5. Thumbs up for good hygiene,

6. Twisty wrists,

7. Wash away the bubbles,

8. Make sure those hands are nice and dry!

It also helps to wiggle your hips and sing each step :) 



I will be putting Monday's learning on here shortly, an important job to do before you start your home learning is to make that 'school area' we talked about, can you find a pot to make your own table box? Maybe collect another little pot of cheerios or buttons you could use as counters for maths? Could you make your own little 'B' posters like the ones in our class to Blu tack on the wall? 

(Be brave, Backtrack, Bits and bobs, Be still, Buddy, Boss)


Stay safe 


Miss Neale