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Summer 1

The Ugly Bug Ball


To complete our learning this half-term, Willow Class invited their Year 6 Buddies to an Ugly Bug Ball. They wrote an invitation for their Buddy and made a shopping list of food they would like for the party.


On the day, they made Bug masks, decorated the classroom in preparation and made jam sandwiches as well as helping to lay the tables. 


On the children's request, Miss Nicoll made an amazing butterfly sponge cake which was covered in Smarties, delicious!

Willow Class have Chicks!

On Monday 9th May, 10 eggs were delivered to our class. When we arrived in school on Wednesday morning, we had three little chicks and throughout the day a further three chicks hatched in front of our eyes. By Friday, we had nine chicks and children helped to transfer them from the incubator into the brooder. They all had a little cuddle and were very gentle.

Our chicks!