School Logo

School Values

Our School Ethos

At Vernham Dean Gillum’s Church of England Primary School we believe our school community will nurture all individuals to achieve their full and unique potential.  We are committed to developing a welcoming, safe, stimulating and happy learning environment that will enable our children to become lifelong learners.


Our School Vision and Learning Values:

‘Our school is committed to inspiring a Christian atmosphere in which everyone can SOAR (have Success for all, Ownership of learning, Achieve excellence, and be Resilient, Risk takers)to achieve their personal best’


At Vernham Dean Gillum’s through our Christian ethos and purposeful Curriculum we are about developing

“Compassionate, Courageous and Creative citizens for the future”


Our School’s Christian character permeates all aspects of school life and to support our spiritual journey we have chosen the three distinctive Christian Values of:


The 3 Cs:

Compassion, Courage and Creativity


  • Compassion was chosen to reflect the love and empathy we have for each other as Jesus has in all of us.
  • Courage was chosen to reflect the courage of Jesus on the cross and how we need to embrace difficulties in our lives and work.
  • Creativity was chosen to reflect each of us being an individual and doing things our way just as Jesus did when helping others.


Our aim is to ensure that all members of the school community feel valued and that respect and trust underpin all we do.  To support this aim, reflective areas can be found across the school, which promote and enhance spiritual ideas, thoughts and questions.


Our Learning Values

Our learning values underpin all that we do.  At Vernham Dean Gillum’s we want every child to SOAR

S- Success for all

O-Ownership of our learning

A-Achievement and excellence for all

R-Resilient, risk takers


Our Learning behaviours also want every child to SOAR and link to our Christian values;

S- Stretch- Did I challenge myself in my learning today?

O-Out of the box- Was I creative, did I do it my way?

A- Apply- Did I use new skills/skills I already knew and apply them to my learning?

R- Resilience- Did I persevere with my learning/Was I courageous?