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Monday 27th April 

Today Gabriel and I have been in school and finished our rainbow that we started last week. We made it from some of the milk bottle tops that the school have collected. Some of them weren't the right colours though so we had to paint them and cover them in PVA glue which took us a long time!

Tuesday 31st March

Harry made a reading den, for a quiet place to read.

Jacques completed the egg-drop challenge. He said it didn't go too well but he is going to have another go...

Nuela has been busy making everyone lunch. Looks yummy!

Monday 30th March

Bella and Freya doing their time capsules. Bella buried hers in her garden for 8 years!

Jacques wasn't sure about the new members of his household at first!

A busy weekend for all of you!

Friday 27th March

Betsy, Pixie and I have had a busy day today.

I did some weeding, then planted some vegetable seeds and sunflower seeds in the garden. 

Pixie has done some sun-bathing in a patch of sun coming through the window, then had a huge lettuce for lunch.

Betsy has been doing some serious maintenance on her new cardboard box from a parcel I got this week, A.K.A chewing it up and throwing it everywhere all over the lounge. 

Albie has been in touch to say thank you for all of the birthday messages to him yesterday. It looks like he had a lovely day! Him and Imo made birthday brownies, Harry St did a football puppet show over the fence and he face-timed Gabriel while playing him at TTRockstars. Glad you had a great day Albert smiley

Max in his garden with his paper aeroplane from his science lesson today!

Nuela did the egg drop challenge today. She did a good job, as her's survived the drop! Well done Nuela yes

Esmee also did the egg drop challenge today. She said it survived when mummy dropped it from wall height, but then her daddy dropped it from the upstairs window and it didn't survive that time! 

This morning Saffy went on an early morning walk with her dog.

Harry St went on a walk and found some spawn in a puddle. I did some research and think that it might be toad spawn.

Alice has been super busy doing some planting of seeds. She has challenged you to guess which seeds she has planted... if you think you know, message her on the blog!






Thursday 26th March

Jacques has found a YouTube channel that is teaching him how to draw. It is lovely to see you being creative Jacques. I have put a link to the YouTube on our class page for you all!

Kai was really helpful and cleaned his mummy's car this morning. Keep up the good work Kai!

Harry Sn has made a treasure hunt and challenged you to have a go when you go out for a walk!






Wednesday 25th March

Freya found a shepherd's crown on her walk and used tools to dig it out of the ground. She then spent some time in the garden relaxing with Isobel and Copper the dog.

Esmee messaged to ask how I was getting on with my puzzle. It is going well so far, however I am finding the last two sections very tricky! I also have to shut Betsy away when I decide to do some of it, as she enjoys nibbling it and pulling the edge pieces up.

I have got two more 1000 piece Disney ones lined up for when I finish this one...

Sam chose to do her setting description in the form of a poem this morning. She has applied her skills of rhyming and thought of some great rhyming couplets. Well done Sam, you should feel really proud!






Tuesday 24th March

Harry chose Mean Monarchs as his magazine name, and it looks like he has done some craft to turn himself into a mean monarch! He has also suggested a quiz for others to do, WARNING: it contains some really mean monarchs.

Imogen and Albie have been helping mummy around the house today, they cooked their own dinner and unloaded the dish washer. Keep it up guys!

Kai has been working hard with mummy and Oscar on some big plans for a garden project. He's also been joining in the Joe Wicks workout and completed some sudoku challenges...

Alice found a picturesque, quiet place for some reading.

Bella has had a productive day today. She has been showing real compassion towards Lizzie and helping her with her learning, as well as doing her own. Well done Bella!

Sam has been busy today, preparing some pots in her garden to plant some seeds at the end of the week. She has also written her own daily timetable.

Saffia has shared her William Shakespeare powerpoint that was part of the reading activity she did yesterday.

Archie watched the park by his house get locked up yesterday sad he is looking forward to being able to go back in it in a few weeks time! He has also shared a picture of his history magazine front cover.

Betsy has been practising good hygiene today and making sure her paws and ears are particularly clean. Remember to keep washing your hands too!

Still image for this video

Amelia has been busy already this morning, completing learning activities both indoors and outdoors. It looks like even her cat wanted to join in on the learning!






Monday 23rd March 2020

Max did all of his learning activities today as well as a bike ride and some football in the garden. It's always important to get out in the sunshine and have some fun!


Imogen and Albie were also busy doing Joe Wicks' PE lesson this morning. After that, they got busy doing some school work, but managed to go for a dog walk/bike ride in the sunshine to break the day up. 

This morning Esmee was missing her morning greeting at the classroom door, so went out the back door of her house and ran round to the front door to be greeted by her mum with a handshake. laugh

Bella has been busy doing some indoor and outdoor learning today, including swings, trampoline, Joe Wicks PE, listening to Miss C read. She even organised some outdoor painting for her and Lizzie! There was also the important jobs of feeding the ponies and walking Basil the dog...


Nuela got her mummy involved in Joe Wick's PE session and they did some baking. Yummy!