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Welcome to our class page. 

All home learning is set via our Google Classroom page. For more information and support for home learning please contact the school office. 

Friday 4th December

Christmas has officially hit Maple Class! This week we have been blasting Christmas songs whilst putting up the tree, we were lucky enough to be in charge of putting up the school tree with Mrs Cripps as well. We have been working hard this enterprise week to make our own salt dough decorations, Miss Neale even challenged us to weigh out the ingredients ourselves! We have also been learning new skills in sewing in order to make some wonderful penguin decorations.


Noggin and Bobbin arrived in full force on Tuesday with Buddy the bear, so far they have been swinging off the lights, writing cheeky messages on the whiteboard and hiding in boxes. Look below what we came into see today!

Naughty Noggin and Bobbin!

Friday 27th November

We started our week in Maple Class by completing our 'hot write' for our Great Fire of London diaries. The children wrote the most imaginative and realistic diaries putting into action all the skills they've been learning during our learning journey. We ended our week by going up to Harmony Woods to plant more trees before coming back to school to have a class party as a reward for filling up our marble jar. Woohoo!

Harmony Woods

Friday 6th November

We have had the most wonderful first week back in Maple Class, we've launched into our new topic after an exciting discovery of a box full of clues about The Great Fire of London. The box contained a bottle of wine, a pouch of money, an old leather bound diary and some very very smelly cheese! We created a display of our houses built over half term and some children even decided to make fact files about The Great Fire of London, what fantastic home learning. To end our week we had a competition to write some descriptions of fireworks and even some poems, they were sent to Oak class to be judged. The children in Oak class voted Bea and Oscar's to be their favourite pieces of work, well done!

Below is a snapshot of our class during a lesson, everyone was so engrossed in their learning the classroom was silent, which caused Miss Neale to take a photo!

See what we are up to this half term!

Friday 9th October

Another busy week in Maple Class with lots of amazing learning every day. The highlight of our week was our walk to look for human and physical features in our local area. It was touch and go on Thursday as it rained all morning! Thankfully the rain stopped long enough for us to walk up over the hills then back through the village. We had great fun climbing over the sties. Friday we celebrated Be Bright, Be Seen day learning how to keep ourselves safe when out and about as the nights become darker. 


With our new traffic light system don't forget to put your book and reading record into the red basket when it needs changing yes



Friday 18th September


Gosh what a busy week we've had in Maple Class! 

Monday we had our first Science lesson where we were learning about the life cycle of a human, we shared photos of ourselves as babies and put them on a time line. We thought carefully about things we can do now that we couldn't do as babies, it was so interesting!


In English we have been developing our reading skills with some new friends, the reading snakes!

Inference Iggy helped us to find information in the text about a character, Comprehension Colin helped us to understand what we were reading and cheeky Language Luke hid some words from the story which we managed to figure out by using the picture to help.


Congratulations to Eloise who received our Behaviour and Values award for being a wonderful role model to the new year 1s and to Freddie S who is our Achiever for amazing independent work in Maths.

Autumn 1 Overview

Monday 7th September

Welcome back to school, I am really looking forward to seeing all of your smiley faces once again!


A few reminders for PE:

Lessons will be on a Tuesday with Premier Sports, and a Wednesday with Mrs Hawkings, please come to school in your PE kit on these days. After school on a Tuesday is our Sports Club run by Premier Sports, there is space for everyone. Please ensure all earrings are removed on these days for health and safety. 


Please remember that hair must always be tied up neatly for school each day.

Miss Neale


Welcome to Maple Class 2020