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Friday 6th March 2020

We have had a very busy week here in Maple Class.

From building pirate ships in science to test materials to make an effective sail to writing our very own acrostic poems. 

Today the children were challenged to write an improved acrostic poem using their work from Wednesday as a draft.

The winner of the class competition and excited recipient of a bag of chocolate pirate coins was Claudia!


Here is her winning poem.


Prickly pirates fighting bravely, 

Itchy parrots laughing angrily,

Rotten treasure dug loudly,

Angry parrots shouting rudely,

Terrible pirate fighters,

Extreme robbers sailing slowly.


Claudia's poem won because she used a variety of exciting adjectives to begin each line, she added -ly to make adverbs and her work was presented beautifully in her book. Well done Claudia!


Watch this space to see who is the winner of our next class competition!