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Friday 10th January 2020

What an exciting start back to school Maple class have had! On Tuesday morning they were transported back to 1912 on board the Titanic. The children were given their tickets for board the ship and throughout the day experienced what life may have been like for passengers from first class all the way down to third class and the stewards.


To finish the day we held a P4C circle where the children discussed a variety of passengers trying to agree whether they should have a place on one of the few lifeboats or not! They children thought carefully about this and in the end agreed on a select few to be given a place.

Third class passengers who ‘enjoyed’ a plain rich tea biscuit and water.

Second Class passengers who enjoyed a chocolate digestive and squash.

Chamber maids, Stewards and a man from the boiler room who worked tirelessly all day!

Our prestigious First Class Passengers who enjoyed Champagne (lemonade!) and a French Fancy served on a silver tray.

A Ladies Maid, one of the ships cooks and the famous Captain Edward J Smith

P4C where children used red and green cubes to indicate if they wished to share their thoughts or not.