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A Trip to Harmony Woods to feed the birds in winter… 9th December 2019

Last week we made bird feeders and filled them with yummy bird food that we made together in class. Then we went on the min bus up to Harmony Woods. We were all very excited to see Becky. Becky took us up to the cabin and we went out on a bird hunt…we found fluffy birds such as a robin, a blackbird, a sparrow, a great tit, a finch, a song thrush and a blue tit – we listened to their bird song – it was beautiful!

We hung our feeders in the trees and then played a game of wiggly worms – we loved this, we had to hide wool worms in the long grass and then pretend to be birds and find the other teams worms!

We ate lunch back in the cabin and then got the bus back to school….It was a lovely sunny day but BRRRRRR it was cold!